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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

There are rumors on the internet that someone is going to redo The Wizard of Oz, but I couldn’t find any solid information.

My brother Jimmy and I were discussing the new movie while in Borders bookstore last weekend.

We had seen a poster for the original Wizard of Oz.

I told my brother that it will probably be a Tim Burton movie and he’ll probably get Jonny Depp to play a character, probably the Scarecrow.

So, we decided to make our own decisions about who will play the new roles.

Scarecrow? My brother and I both agreed that it would probably be Jonny Depp if it is a Tim Burton movie. I think they need to break-up, but my I’m certain the Tim and Jonny Bromance is for life.

Dorothy? My brother Jimmy said probably Natalie Portman. I think she’d make a good Dorothy. I’d like to see Amanda Bynes as Dorothy. Of course, she is one of my favorites.
The Lion? Probably Seth Rogin. I would like to have seen Chris Farley as the Lion. May he rest in peace.

The Tin Man? Maybe Steve Corella or Ben Stiller.

The wicked witch? Nicole Kidman played a good evil person in the Golden Compass. Maybe she could be the wicked witch. But I’d like to see her as the good witch.

Who should play the wicked witch? Hmm. Lindsay Lohan? Just kidding. I like Lindsay and wish her the best. I sent her a copy of my self-improvement book, "Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom." I thought it would be great if she walked out of rehab carrying a copy of it. Okay -- that is shameless attempt at self-promotion of my book.

A young Dakota Fanning would have made a good Munchkin! But she may be too old for that now. I'm not sure.

The flying monkeys will probably be in 3D.

My thoughts: I like older movies. I don't think a new Wizard of Oz will ever be as good as the first one. But I don't know yet.

I loved Charlie in the Chocolate Factory -- but didn't like the new one with Jonny Depp.

So there we have it:

A Tim Burton Wizard of Oz, starring Natalie Portman as Dorothy, Johnny Depp as the Scarecrow, Seth Rogin as the Lion, and Ben Stiller as the Tin Man.

Here is the Internet Movie Database link for the real making of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz:

The movie and book are great for children.
You can ask a kid -- what would you go to Oz for?
The tin man needed a heart.
The lion needed courage.
The scarecrow needed a brain.

I've heard a technique where some counselors say if you had a magic pill, how would things be different. Of course, I don't suggest using that with people in substance abuse. Maybe say if you had a magic wand, how would things be different. Now, I'd like to add a new question after watching the Wizard of Oz (cinema-therapy), if you could go to Oz, what would you ask for?

Of course, I can hear the little ones now, I want a pony that changes colors.

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