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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: A Novel (60th anniversary edition)

Book: Fahrenheit 451: A Novel (60th anniversary edition)
Author: Ray Bradbury
Introduction by: Neil Gainman
Released: 2013
Simon and Schuster paperbacks, New York: NY 

This book was recommended to me by Amazon when I had purchased a copy of the Great Gatsby after watching the movie. I recall hearing about this book in high school. I wasn’t a book reader at that time in my life.

I decided to get this book because it was a dystopian novel. I primarily read end-of-the world stories during my leisure time.

Synopsis of the book: 

Books are banned. Firemen no longer put out fires. They now burn books. All books must be burned to promote peace. Apparently 451 is the temperature at which books burn. Books discuss conflicting ideas, theories, and religions. They cause discord.

The main character Guy is a fireman. He saves one book after burning a person’s books and her in the fire. He is curious to know what is in these books. The fire chief is not pleased. He is aware that Guy has stolen a book. Guy has in fact taken several books and has a small hidden library.
The people in this dystopian society are not free thinkers. They are fed thoughts and information by their government and by their televisions. Without giving away the ending of the book, the main character Guy makes some changes in his life and in his world.

 My Random Thoughts:
The burning and fire reminds me a lot of the mythological character Phoenix, which burns itself at old age and a new baby Phoenix raises from the ashes. Fires are devastating, but they seem to promote new beginnings. I’ve heard that some rain forests grown back best after a forest fire. The Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia) football team was killed in an airplane crash in 1969. The team today has “rose from the ashes” and has had successful football seasons that were once thought would never happen. The Twin Towers and Pentagon that were attacked in 2001 were another tragedy that caused chaos and discord. The new Freedom Tower in New York has quite literally grown out of the ashes and represents America. Sure, we (in West Virginia) will never forget that accident. The people of America will never forget 9/11. However, these burns have caused us (as a society to grown) and to become stronger.

I recall that the prison warden in the (1994) movie The Shawshank Redemption tells Andy (who has been falsely accused and sent to prison), “We'll have us a little book barbecue in the yard” Andy loves reading and he even volunteers to teach inmates how to read so they can get their GED. I’ve not read the book by Stephen King, which the move was based. I wonder if Ray Bradbury’s novel had influenced that line in the movie. It might not have any relation, but the book reminded me of that comment.

I read books on metaphysical studies and the Secret – Law of Attraction (LOA) during my leisure as well. I’ve heard one of these writers claim that a lot of wisdom was lost in the great fire in Alexandria (Ancient Egypt, about 200-300 years BC). According to information in the back of the book, Ray Bradbury was very influenced by this fire.  

I wonder if Mr. Bradbury had known “The Secret.” He appeared to have wisdom on brining ideas (novels) to life. According to the book, Ray Bradbury had spent 9 days of self-enforced isolation at UCLA typing room to write this novel. He had to pay to type. The novel was manifested. Taking action is an important part of the Secret.
Ray Bradbury’s characters in Fahrenheit 451 were the opposite. They were not thinkers, creative visualizers, or action takers. Characters set idle. They consuming opposed to creating. Many characters found a pleasure in smoking cigarettes. Frued would say that smoking and watching television are both an oral fixation.

I had once heard Denis Waitly (motivational speaker and author) say that he had written his book, “The Psychology of Winning” during prime-time. This was when everyone else was watching television. He was using his prime time to write a book.

What is next for me?
I’m working on several book projects that will be posted at this blog soon. Some of the books I’m going to release soon, include: a book on being creativity, a sketchbook of monsters, issue # 4 monsters love colors (from my monster series), a book of photography, and even a CD with violin music. Please note that I don’t play the music, my friend Maya does. I’m just helping with designing the cover for the CD and publishing the CD. This CD will be a special gift for people who pre-order my book on creativity. I hope the violin music will inspire people to go out and create something, too!

 I’ll probably rent the movie on Netflix son. I’ve also heard of other books by Ray Bradbury, including the following shown below:

There are two short stories that I want to read by the author as well, including: The Exiles (horror, fantasy, and super-natural). People who enjoy Bradury’s book may want to read the short-stories based around Fahrenheit 451. This collection is here:

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