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Monday, November 23, 2009

"How Rude" - Stephanie Tanner

Jodie Sweetin (who played Stephanie Tanner) on Full House has written a book!

Her book is called “unnSweetined” and Jodie reveals behind the scense of Full House. She had become addicted to drinking and drugs. I, Danny Pettry, had no clue she had a problem with these issues. Do you think it is true? Maybe. I'm not sure.

I’m definitely going to read this book. I miss Full House and Jodi (Stephanie) was always my favorite growing up. All I can say is, How rude?

Recreational therapists: Do you work with people with additions and recovery? If so, this may be a good book for you to read, too.

Fascinating, Jodie said, “I didn’t really watch much television when I was younger. I still don’t. I’m more of a bookworm.” Go Jodie! I’m so glad to see that you’re a reader. If you’ve read my book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom: How to Become Great at Anything,” you’d know that I’m a big advocate for reading. In fact, I claim reading is a key element in a persons path to self-discover and self-fulfillment in life.

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