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Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov. is national novel writing month.

November is “National Novel Writing Month” according to CreateSpace.Com.

I heard that a person is more likely to achieve her (or his) goals if a person writes them down and if they’re shared with others. I read a study once on graduate students at a leading college (maybe Harvard). They asked who had personal goals written and currently on them. A very small percentage of the graduate students had goals written on them. Some of them had them in their wallet or purse. One even had her limited on a card. They checked back on these graduate students ten years later. Each one with written goals were a lot more successful and had achieved a lot more compared to their peers from school who didn’t have written goals.

I love books, reading, and writing. So, here is my leisure goal:

I’m going to write a novel. Not this month, however. It is my long-term goal.

First, I must complete writing the complimentary journal for Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom, which is already late. I’m going to have it out in a week or two.

By the end of 2009, I’ll have an outline for my novel and character sketches written.

I plan to have my book written before March 2009.

I plan to have it edit by April or May 2009.

I'll need to get my market team ready for a big release in Sept. 2009!

I'll need to hire someone to do a graphic for the front cover.

I already have an idea for my story. It is top secret for now.

I’m so excited to write my first novel. This is going to be super fun.

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