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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amazing artist!

My recent self-improvement book "Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom" teaches people to become great. One of the key elements is practice. The question is: How long does it take to become great at something? I discovered this secret from a Malcom Gladwell book. Gladwell said it takes a person 10,000 hours at least to become great at something. And this is hard-practice. Here is an example: a person could go to school for 10,000 hours, but that does not mean she had really put effort and hard practice into the learning part of it.

Here is an amazing artist.
Mkey, the artist known as "king of leon" drew this picture of Bryony. He took 6-hours to draw this picture. Bryony is a young woman from England who I find very attractive. Bryony has one of the most viewed you-tube channels. Bryony paints... but I beleive her real passion is making movies. Her movies often poke fun at things and are created to add humor. Hope to use Bryony's art on the cover of my next book... but having a hard time getting in touch with her.

Here is a video make by the famous Bryony... (also known as Paper lilies)

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