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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Attracted a kindle into my life

Happy New Year. It is 12:49 a.m. here in Beckley, West Virginia. Had just watched the ball drop at my brother’s house with my sister, her boyfriend and our group of friends.

Law of Attraction (LOA) is always at work. Even if a person doesn’t believe in it – the law is still in existence. Of course, I’m not an expert on LOA myself, but I do study it. The major portion of my study of it has been by viewing the underground hit documentary on LOA called, “The Secret,” which I noticed the DVD was on the shelves at the local Target Outlet.

There is a three step process that includes: ask, believe, and receive.

Does it happen if you do not ask? And the answer is yes. You don’t have to ask aloud. Your thoughts alone are asking. Here is an example. Have wanted a new amazon kindle. For people who are unaware, this is a small handheld electronic device that allows a person to read books. The kindle can store tons of books and a person can take it anywhere.

The kindle had been on my mind a lot. Have been thinking about it Visualized myself using one. Knew I’d eventually have it. Had a strong believe/ faith. Today, (Dec. 31, 2009) the pastor for the residential treatment facility arrived to provide services for the children as he always does on Thursday. [Please note that I’m not advocating for any one religion – as I do not share my personal religious and spiritual beliefs online.] Am good friends with the pastor. He had received an Amazon Kindle for Christmas and showed me his. He allowed me to use it and practice playing with it. Loved it and was very excited. The emotion was strong and positive.

Went to brother’s house for New Year’s Eve party to watch the ball drop tonight. Told one of my long-time friends about using the kindle at work and asked how he was liking his. Knew this friend had had one for a while now. Amazingly, he said he had two now and offered to sell me one of his. Of course, I said yes. Going to get a kindle for at least 50% off and probably a lot more than that. Plan to pick it up tomorrow.

LOA is always at work. I attracted a kindle into my life.

Here is am amazon link for their kindle. you can click on it to learn more about the product if you're curious to know about it...

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