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Monday, December 21, 2009

Book Idea! The Road Map Home.

• Heighten your state of consciousness?
• Shift problems and pain into opportunities?
• Learn self-mastery tools to move in alignment?
• Use a roadmap to guide your life?
• Manifest your dreams?

With today’s upheavals, many lives have taken a detour, lost their way at a tourist attraction, or screeched to a grinding halt. In The Roadmap Home, Leonard maps out a route of conscious living and shows you how to connect with the ever-present GPS and illuminate the road home to love and inner peace.

Leonard draws upon his personal challenges and his 35 years as a therapist to show that home is not the result of finding a place, living with a person, establishing a career, or having material success. Rather Home resides in the heart and soul and remains with us wherever we go. All we need is our GPS.

You've completed your holiday shopping by now (or you're at least close to getting it completed). Have you picked up a little gift for yourself? You're worth it. This book is a book that I'd recommend. Plus, it has many bonus offers included. Check out all the extra stuff you'll get - including access to the journal that I had written. Go here:


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