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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Gifts: 3 Amazing Books

We do holiday gift exchange on Christmas Eve if our family.

Feels good to give. Always so glad to see other people open their gifts.

Posted entry last night on “becoming a real man.”

Believe that “giving” is a sign of being a man. It is being a provider type.

Children (in general, but not all of them) are often self-centered at least based on my experiences. As a child, I was more selfish. Work with children at a hospital. Find them to be focused on self-interests most. Believe this to be natural in children.

Maturity brings about a focus on others, too. A child received gifts for holidays. This brings them great happiness. As they mature and get older they find more enjoyment in giving. (at least I hope). Giving shows the process of maturity. Reminds me of a favorite children’s book, “The giving tree.” The tree is the giver and the boy is the taker. Believe the boy in the story to be selfish.

Gave family members several wonderful gifts, which brought me great joy this year. Was very pleased to see them open their gifts.

Received three books from family members. Had given very specific hints such as, “would really like this book” if you need some ideas.

Here are the main three:

1.) The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz

2.) Instant Analysis by David Lieberman

3.) Become a Magnet to Money through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness by Bob Proctor

Will be posting book reviews for you to read at this blog in the near future.

Brother, Jimmy, gave me “X-men: endangered species” hardcover graphic novel. X-Men are science fiction, but feel this book will offer some interesting ideas on making the world a better place.

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