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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Interesting Coincidences

I emailed a co-worker (a fellow coffee drinker) and said that I had picked up something new for a change: Fudge-Brownie-Flavored Coffee. How exciting!?

I received an email back from her within mins.

She said she had picked up the same type of coffee, too.

Is this an uncanny, strange coincidence? Or, is it telepathy?

Below is what I wanted to email her, but I didn't because I don't share my views on telepathy, the law of attraction (LOA) and other topics with people. I do feel that I am more in touch with what I call, the infinite wisdom. okay, some people may laugh-out-loud at that one for sure. lol. However, there are many spiritual teachers who teach about such topics. They've been doing it since the dawn of time. More recently, western scientific researchers are starting to prove what these eastern teachers have always known to be true. Greg Braden is just one of the authors who writes about these subjects.

An email that I didn't send to a co-worker:

That is an interesting coincidence. Did you happen to mention or say something about fudge-brownie coffee last week? I usually don’t share this aloud. (laugh aloud), but I have this special telepathic ability. Sometimes, I can think of my sister’s name and I’ll randomly get a text from her. Last week, I was thinking about two girls who in my graduating class in college at Marshall. Monday, I saw one on the front page of the paper for running a marathon and Tuesday I ran into the other at the post office. Are all these things coincidences? I’ve got a special gift.

Here is a Greg Braden video:

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