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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is Michael Brewer getting Recreational Therapy services?

Michael Brewer (age 16) was set on fire by three teenagers in October 2009.

Was very upset to hear such tragic news last October.

Today, Brewer is being released from the University of Miami’s Jacksonville Hospital. Pleased to hear that he’s getting better now. Wish him recovery and wellness.

Brewer’s doctor said: “Michael's still got a lot of major surgery ahead of him, a lot of rehabilitation and therapy… the recovery is lifelong. This is truly a life-changing event.”

Wonder if Brewer received recreational therapy services.

The CNN report claimed he had physical therapy services, which, his mother said is very painful. I always thought P.T. stood for “painful things.”

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is very painful based on my own personal expeirence when I was 16-years-old. I had dislocated a shoulder from a skateboarding accident. The P.T. therapy interventions were very painful at the time, but resulted in me getting use of my left shoulder again. Continued skateboarding until my college years.

Recreational Therapy and Burn Units

Attended several training sessions with Laurie Reddick, MA, LRT/ CTRS, CCLS. She’s the director of recreational therapy services at UNC Hospitals. She had spoken about how the recreational therapy program for the burn unit. Remember her saying something along the lines of the effectiveness of recreational therapy interventions on her patients at the hospital. The outcomes were very measurable. However, I regret to say I don’t remember what interventions were provided. Will email her about this blog entry.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Books

Michael Brewer is from Deerfield Beach, FL. Health Communications; Inc. is also located in Deerfield Beach. HCI publishes the well-known Chicken Soup books. Sounds like the youth in this town need to read a couple of Chicken Soup books.

Visit the CNN link for more information on Michael Brewer:

Visit this link for Health Communications Inc.:

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