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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ban All Books!

Breakthrough idea came to my mind tonight. Believe this idea could be the key to getting children, teens, and even adults to become avid readers.

The idea: Ban All Books. Yes, that is exactly right. Ban them all. Burn the books.

Books will be the new drug. Kids will be secretly reading them to get their new reading high.

Conversations in school would sound like this...

"Hey man, did you read Anne Frank?"
"No, not yet... do you have that book?"
"Yeah. I have. Read it already. - whoa, you've got to read this book. You won't beleive what happened.
"Listen, I have a copy of Think and Grow Rich. Let's trade books. Meet me at Jonny's house. He has his own secret library full of books -- shh. don't tell anyone we're reading since it is illegal."

(Laugh aloud).

Of course, as you already know, I’m a book-lover. I’d never really advocate for anything like that.

However, books often become instant best-sellers when they’re banned. Why? Because then people want to read them.

Wish someone would ban the book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.” It would at least bring controversy and attention to it.

Recently a school in Culpepper, Virginia had banned an edition of Anne Frank’s diary. Believe the sales of this book will increase as a result. The book made it to national news. Imagine the headlines even hit international news, too.

Read Anne Frank Today.

Your friend,


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