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Monday, January 4, 2010

Goal Planning for the New Year

Started working on personal goals for the New Year.
Of course, used the New You in a New Year Goals Checklist.

Fitness goal: Walk 4 times a week for at least 30-mins. a session until end of Jan. Will have walked at least 8 hours by end of month. This is my starting goal of course. Will re-evaluate in Feb. Walked over 30-mins. today.

Personal goal: De-clutter apt. Organize and clean two things per week. Today, organized all the magazines and books on my in-tables in the living room area. Feels good. Placed a bag of books and magazines for charity. Threw away a lot of needless paper.

Here is a big project. It is a personal goal, career goal, and do-good goal.

To write a book by the end of May 2009. and have $1,000 profits from the book to go to the Habitat for Humanity.

Have written most of the outline for the book alreay. Need to complete outline and start the writing. Enjoy writing, so that'll be the fun part.

What are your goals?

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