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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wisdom of Jim Rohn (Free chapter).

Received email today from Mike Litman that Said, "Wisdom of Jim Rohn."

Rohn is my all-time favorite motivational speaker. Of course you already know this if you've read my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.

Love Jim Rohn and very impressed with Mr. Mike Litman because he had interviewed Rohn. He's very lucky to have had that opportunity. Rohn was on my personal list of people to meet. Won't be able to do so now since he passed in Dec. 2009. Have re-watched his DVDs and have been playing his speeches on C.D. in my car during my trip to and from work. Have changed this goal to meet people who have learned from Rohn, like Tony Robbins.

Mike Litman shares his interview with Jim Rohn in chapter 1 of his book, "Conversations with Millionaires."

Mr. Mike Litman is giving away this chapter of his book for FREE. People don't seem to value things that are free. Encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and READ this free chapter. He could be charing a whole lot for this interview.

Litman said: Read it, share it with your friends and kids.

I'll share it with You.

Go here to download your copy of chapter one:

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