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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who is your favorite author(s)?

Here is a question for your journal: who is your favorite author(s)? Explain why.

Asked my friends on facebook to share their favorite authors.

Are you seeking a book to read? If so, here are some authors that my friends recommend:

Lindsay Hambric Williams's favorite authors are:
Charlaine Harris and Nicholas Sparks...I am a sappy and supernatural book lover!
Thu at 7:05pm ·

Beth Ann Cohen's favorite authors are:
Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom, and Harlen Coben.

Tessah Camille McKenzie's favorite authors are:
Lois Lowry... Ayn Rand

Danny P.: I want to read one Louis Lowry book. It is about the Holocaust, but I can't remember the title. Read "The Giver" last year.

Sarah Ardella Green's favorite authors are:
Francine Rivers

Charlie Whitt's favorite authors are:
Col. Charles Whitt Sr.Dan Brown

Shannon Kelly Hughart's favorite authors are:
Nicholas Sparks ♥

Danny P. comments: at one time, I had read every Nicholas Sparks book. Regret to say I've not read several of his recent books.

Jane Lonschein's favorite authors are:
jodi picoult

Yolanda Ruiz's favorite authors are:
Khalid Housini

Jil Reece's favorite authors are:
joe hill, carlean thompson, john saul, erica spidler...

My own comment:
Reading James Patterson's Max Ride Series right now. on book 2... so Patterson is my favorite now.

Eliot Parker's favorite authors are:
John Steinbeck, Pat Conroy, David McCollough, Homer Hickam, John Irving.

Danny P.: Enjoy seeing Homer Hickam on your list. He's from my home state of West Virginia.

Kristen Johnson's favorite authors are:
JK Rowling! She's genius. I hope she writes other stuff cause she is amazing.

Raeanna Edwards's favorite authors are:
Patricia Cornwell! I love all of her books!

Derek Lewis's favorite authors are:
I like Hunter S. Thompson and Chuck Palahniuk. But I have many many favorite authors.

Wendie Houston Alderman's favorite authors are:
Patricia Cornwell... I love the Kay Scarpetta series.

MeriBeth C. Underwood
's favorite authors are:hawthorne, Poe, Plath, I love the classics! LOL

I [Danny Pettry] am from West Virginia and I regret to say that I've not read Plath who was born in W.Va. Her "Good Earth" is on my list of books to read.

Tayon Mccrary made a joke and said:
Arthur Fonzarelli????

Jennifer Marie Johnson said:
You [Danny Pettry] have a book selling at Empire Books, right?

My reply: the book is no longer on the Amazon best-selling list, but you can still get a copy of "Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom."

Cynthia Moore- Pierce's favorite authors are:
Nora Roberts

Carley Gray's favorite authors are:
Nich Sparks and Sophie Kensella.....she is a hoot!

Leslie Frimer 's favorite authors are:
Francesca Lia Block, Armistaud Maupin

David Austin's favorite authors are:
Bill Bryson

Pam Mancuso's favorite authors are:
James Patterson, John Sanford and my most recent, and maybe my favorite of all, David Baldacci

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