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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Books for Children

“Read to succeed and become anything you want” is one of my personal mottos.

It was also the basis for my first self-improvement book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom. Basically, I believe wisdom his hidden in books, but a person must be an avid reader to discover these secrets.

Heard some depressing news today about the closing of a bookstore. My parents take little mini-trips from time-to-time. Today they left their hometown of Beckley, W.Va. to visit the Mercer Mall in Princeton, W.Va. Mother informed me that the bookstore in the mall had closed. That is terribly sad. Feel very upset about this news. How can a mall not have a bookstore?

There is a growing trend in the closing of bookstores in my home state of West Virginia based on my experiences:

The Beckley, W.Va. Crossroads Mall once had two bookstores. Now it only has one.
The Kanawha City, W.Va. Kanawha Mall once had a bookstore, but it has been closed.
The Charleston, W.Va. Town Center Mall once had two bookstores, both of them have been closed, but they now have a Borders-express.
The Barboursville, W.Va. Huntington Mall once had two bookstores: a Waldenbooks and a Borders bookstore. Believe they closed the Waldenbooks when Borders bought at Walden.

Believe West Virginia is a place that needs more access to books. Think people could improve their lives by reading more.

There are still a few positive places that people in the state can get books.
Many people are also ordering books online at places like Many people are reading electronic books online. People can still get books at places like Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, however, the selection is limited. These places only carry current best-sellers based on what I’ve seen. Some people download books to electronic devise like the Amazon-Kindle, which I use and enjoy.

The non-profit First Book provides free books to children in need addressing literacy. They say at their web-site that children’s literacy can be improved by providing children with access to age-appropriate books.

Found a wonderful web-site today. It was recommended to me on facebook. Places like facebook send selected ads targeted to people’s interest and demographic. As a booklover, an interesting page was suggested to me today.

It’s called Children’s Book of the Month Club.

One of my 2010 goals is to buy a new book for my nephew Gage (3-years-old) each month of the year.

In January I got him, 5 little monkey’s jumping on a bed.
In February I got him a little Einstein Book.
In March I got him 10 Happy Puppies.

Think I’m going to join the children’s book of the month club. Will have to look at the prices to determine which would be more affordable between them and, which I currently use to get Gage books.

Here is the link toe the Children’s Book Club so you can check it out too:

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