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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What is your favorite web-page?

Okay, Monday's journal question at my blog is never on Monday. The first time I had written it - it was on a Tue with the goal of doing them on a Monday.

So, beleive it would be fair to give this a "Tue Journal Question" lable or even a "Journaling ideas" lable. However, we'll keep it as it is for the fun of it.

Asked my facebook friends what are some of their favotite web-sites...

Mine: blogspot, selfgrowth, amazon, cnn, youtube, of course facebook,
Sun at 12:42pm ·

Valerie said: rules!

Danny P.: tried it out and it is tons of fun. You'll get lots of useful information that you're interested in knowing about. Click on a various subject that you're not interested in, too, just to increase your open-mind-ness, too, okay!

Rachel said:

Valerie also reported:
Cool! I love that stumble button! I also love postsecret and a blog called Rockstar Diaries, http://taza-and-husband.blogspot.comI like her outlook on life.

Michelle said:
Its my dirty little secret... Lol. is my most favorite, but shh! I don't want everyone to know how boring I am. Lol!

enjoy these web-sites.

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