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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Colonel Charles Dahnmon Whitt's Book

Believe reading is the key to succeeding. Wisdom is hidden in books, but you must be an avid reader to discover the secrets. My self-improvement book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom is about the importance of reading for personal development.

Danny’s Book Recommendation:

Met Colonel Charles Dahnmon Whitt at the Ohio River Festival of Books on Sat. April 10th.

Whitt is a native of Tazewell County, Virginia. He moved to Kentucky in 1970 to carry out his trade as a Sheet Metal Worker.

Whitt is now retired and he's had the opportunity to follow several of his passions. He's interested in genealogy and loves history and the civil war. While tracing his own family heritage, Whiit discovered his grandfather, David Crockett Whitt.

Colonel Charles Dahnmon Whiit decided to share the story, be writing, "Legacy, The Days of David Crockett Whitt." It is a short historical fiction. Most of the dates and places are accurate in hisotry.

Charles is a Kentucky Colonel.

Here is a video:

Get Book Here:


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