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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Da'Sean Butler and Bob Huggins.

Da'Sean Butler, a West Virginia University (WVU) basketball (forward) player was injured in the WVU - Duke 2010 Final Four Game. Hated to see Butler hurt or anyone for that matter. Butler had been hit in his head with an elbow earlier in the game. His head was bleeding. He had a serious knee injury during the second half. Video shown below. Butler was shown being taken out of on a little motorized cart.

Butler is good person. ESPN had said earlier in the game that he had completed more hours of volunteering than any other basketball player. They showed Bulter before the game, too. Butler was at the hospital visiting a woman who was elder. The woman had had a heart attack while watching the WVU - University of KY game in the elite eight. Butler heard about her and independently went to the hospital to see her.

Beleive Butler should be acknowledge more, so I'm writing this article about him. As you know from my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom, I have a full chapter on doing-good. So, here my blog to acknowledge him. Brenda Quinn (2009, Feb. 1st) had written an article on Butler at Basketball Times Online. Quinn pointed out that Butler would be the first to volunteer to travel 40-mins. to talk to some kids. Butler has a good work ethic. He doesn't bring trouble to his team. He supports his co-players. Butler is a true West Virginian.

Admire Butler for his good deeds. Think he is a real all-star athlete because he is also a good person. tired of all the trash talking, mean-spirited, getting into trouble athletes that area always on the news.

Coach Bob Huggings is a good person, too. Think Huggins may have a healer personality in him. Watch the video.

Go here to watch the video:,231951

Quinn, F. (2009, Feb. 1). More old school than cool: WVUs De'Shawn Butler.

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