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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review of Robin Sharma's "The Leader Who Had No Title."

Want to recommend a highly inspirational and motivating book.

It’s called, “The Leader Who Had No Title.” It's a fable on success in business and in life.

Briefly, the story is about a man named Blake who had been a soldier who had fought for U.S. freedom over in Ira. Blake has returned to the U.S. and works at a bookstore. Blake isn’t happy with his life.

Fortunately, Blake meets an elder man named Tommy who works at the bookstore. Tommy is very successful in both life and business. Tommy becomes Blake’s personal mentor for one day.

Tommy introduces Blake to four people who believe in the “Lead Without a Title” (LWT) philosophy. Each of these four people shares a valuable lesson for Tommy. The lessons are easy to remember because they’re all acronyms.

This story isn’t just on being a leader in the business world. It’s more of a book on becoming a better person. It focuses on self-development, being your best, living a meaningful life and leaving behind a legacy.

While Tommy is teaching Blake, I felt like I was in Tommy’s shoes getting all the wisdom from Blake myself. It encouraged me to act and behave in different ways while I was at my job. The book directly encouraged me to be more of a real leader.

Here is a quick video review of the book for your entertainment:

Here is an Amazon link for the book so you can check out more information on it.

Click Here for a List of Books by Robin Sharma.

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