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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

South Florida Recreational Therapy Conference!

2nd Annual South Florida Recreational Therapy Conference!

“Innovation Through Education”

Here are some benefits for attending:

  • Training above and beyond typical training
  • Check out vendor exhibit show
  • Meet and network with other professionals
  • There will be lots of giveaways, goodies, and valuable information given to participants!

Here are two more benefits that I, Danny P. would like to add:

  • It is in FL!
  • You may find a job or find the right person for a job.

Check out the amazing topics:

  • David Maymon on Health Care Reform
  • Communicating Effectively w/ Cognitively Impaired Individuals
  • VA Disabled Veterans: Adaptive Ski Clinic
  • Engage the Power of Your Mind
  • Behavioral Health, Medications and Implications of TR
  • Arthritis and TR
  • TR Consulting Practices* Bibliotherapy and Pediatrics
  • Advanced Technology and TR
  • How to Incorporate Music Therapy into Your Program
  • Functional Independence Through Driver Rehabilitation* Horticulture Therapy and TR
  • Incorporating Music Therapy into Your Program
  • How Therapeutic Activities Plays a role on Immune Deficient Patients

Please visit our website for more information.

Registration brochures will be posted shortly.


For hotel reservations, please visit the website listed below. Full “cook to order” breakfast is and happy hour is included with your stay!! There are many bars and restaurants with walking distance of the hotel!

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