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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gratitude Bugs -- books for children!

G-Bugs “The Gratitude Bugs” is a series of books for children by Jackie Jones.

These books have stories that teach and promote character. They consist of: acceptance, gratefulness, self-esteem, honesty, integrity, responsibility, respect, forgiveness, loyalty, and friendship.

Parents should get these books and read them and re-read them to their children.

I’m going to get all of the books from this series for my nephew Gage who is 3-years-old.

Therapeutic Recreation: Bibliotherapy.

Recreational therapists use a variety of activity interventions to help people get better. I provide services for children at a residential treatment facility. Many of these children have a need to develop positive social interaction skills. I plan to use these books to help the children to increase awareness of qualities of character.

Here is my video review for this neat little book:

For more information, visit:


New Discovery Reveals How Being Happy Can Help You to Become Great! is the title for chapter 7 in my best-selling book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom. It is a self-improvement book on becoming great. This chapter includes a full section on gratitude. If you're looking to improve your life, I encourage you to read a lot. If you want to improve your child's life read The G-Bugs to them. If you want to improve your life... read... Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom.

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