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Sunday, May 16, 2010

importance of reading books to children

In my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom, I argue that reading is the # 1 skill needed to become great. Hidden wisdom can be found deep in books. However, you must be an avid reader in order to discover all the wonderful secrets.

Importance of Reading Books to Children...

Today, I read an interesting article on the importance of reading to children between the ages of zero and three. the article suggests ways to get children involved in books.

Here are a few tips that I noticed from the article:

a.) read a lot of books to a toddler.

b.) let the child pick the book -- this allows the child autonomy. this is for age 3.

c.) ask questions about the chracters. where is the dog? why is the bunny alseep? Is he tired? this is more for 2.5 to 3, I'd imagine.

d.) Read signs to the child. Stop. Go. Slow. etc.

e.) charades? let the child act out parts of the story

f.) just tell a story to a child. I like to tell stories to my nefew Gage. I stop and ask him a question about the characters to get involved. Here is an example. Bob is driving his car and he sees a cat and a dog. Does Bob pick up the cat and dog or does he leave them alone? Gage says, "leave them." So, I go with it. Yes, you're right Gage. The animals don't belong to Bob. So, he keeps driving. and I just make it up as I go along. I love to do that.

Here is the full article that I had read:

So, you're an adult. Would you like to discover the power of reading and how books can imporve your life? If so, check out my book at the amazon link below. It is chockfull of wisdom on success, becoming great, and living the life you want.

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