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Friday, May 7, 2010

Personal Choices are Important!

Connie Podesta was the first presenter at Chick-fil-A Leadership conference on May 7, 2010.

Connie is an experience in psychology and learning.

I found her talk to be inspirational and humorous. Here is a basic summary of what she said. I added a few of my own personal suggestions to her comments.

Connie asked two main questions:

1.) Am I proud of the professional choices I’ve been making?
2.) I am proud of the personal choices I’ve been making?

Both of these questions are vital to being “the one.”

Note that personal and professional choices are not separate. This is especially true in today’s world of technology of instant messaging and social networks. People get personal messages at work and work messages at home. Boundaries seem to have blurred between these two areas.

Connie pointed out that choices we make outside of the office (our work place) determine more about my success and career than what I do on the job.

Here is an example. I could spend all of my time off the job reading books, taking classes, volunteering to help others, improving my talents and skills, and living a good, decent life.

I could also make choices like being lazy, complaining, or start a bad habit.

Connie also pointed out that people should communicate clearly.

Here is an example. Don’t ask a question to hint at what you’re wanting. A woman may ask her husband if he’s hungry to hint that she is really hungry. Be more assertive and say what you want.

Connie pointed out that we should be careful with spending. Purchase what we need and be careful when buying material possessions that we want. It’s not good to get in debt for things. She points out that relationships are in the “Want” section. They’re not in the “Need” section.

Making life worthwhile is our own personal responsibility. It isn’t the responsibility of others to do this for us. Relationships based on need are not healthy. A person who needs us in order to be happy isn’t healthy either. None of us can make another person happy. That is their job.

Connie points out that we should have a need to give something to the world. It is our job to provide some type of service.

Many people are afraid of giving a speech. Connie points out that we’re all on a world state. We’re always performing. The world is watching us.

Be a leader all the time. This includes both professional and personal life.

Employees look for their leaders for ways to act.

It is more important to demand that people, employees, and children to develop compassion, being hard-working, and respectful. Lead this way in life to show an example. Teaching these skills to others will help them develop the tools they’ll need to be happier.

The big question again:

Are you proud of the choices you’re making in your persona life? Am I proud of the choices I’m making in my persona life?

Character is leadership.
This is important. Leadership is all about being a person of the utmost character.

A person’s real character comes out when they’re tired, angry, jealous or experiencing bad times. How does a person act then? This is when they world’s eyes will be watching. We’re all public speakers all the time. We’re always performing. Someone is always watching us.

A person is truly rich when they’re happy spiritually and emotionally.

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