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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Steve Uzzell - inspiration and motivation.

Steve Uzzell is an award-winning photographer who I find inspirational and amazing. I had the opportunity to listen to him speak at the leadership training on May 7, 2010 that sponsored by Chick-fil-A. Uzell showed his photography on a large screen in the background during his inspirational talk.

I wish I had permission to show some of his amazing art at my blog, but regret to say that I don’t have permissions.

However, here is a link to his web-site:
You may want to add his link to your favorites.

Here are some of the inspirational tips that I received from Uzzell during his talk:

The first step is to know where you’re going.
Find spirit and inspiration in the open road.

Allow for imagination.

Seeking sets in motion the conscious universe. It reminds me, Danny Pettry, of the quote: seek and you shall find.

He says a person needs to make preparations for creative problem-solving.

Uzzell said that every road also has the wrong roads.

Danny Pettry comment: stories go so good with pictures. I think I’ll add more pictures to my upcoming book on being a nicer person.

Uzzell points out famous quote: chance favors the prepared mind. He sited the original author, but I couldn’t understand the name. I had used the same quote in my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom. I sited hearing it from my professor in graduate school.

Uzzell pointed out that our eyes only see what we’re prepared to see.

Danny Pettry comment: I had once heard that the Native Americans would look out into the ocean, yet they would not see the ships from European sailors because they were not prepared to see it.

Uzzell points out that chance and preparation creates magic.

Uzzell reminds us to focus on the 6 questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how of journalism for creative problem solving. Uzzell adds a 7th question: are you sure?

Become known for the problems you solve.

Solutions are sometimes found in odd places and unexpected places. Uzzell points out how his grandmother had helped him in math. He didn’t realize that his grandmother had had a degree in math from 1900. I, Danny Pettry, had forgotten what type of math degree she had, but it was very advanced.

Teach people a craft that you know so well. Change lives.

Each of us has a unique knowledge and talent and skills. Some of us have secret wisdom that no one else in the world knows about. Share this with others.

Uzzell also reminds me to thank teachers who have taught me to have a love for learning.

Danny Pettry: send a thank-you card and a brief message to several of your favorite teachers.

Here are some of the final tips from Uzzell:

Listen to your inner voice.
Joy is a journey
Look for inspirational and connect to the universe.

He quoted Merlin, we must put ourselves in that path of God to connect.
Feel blessed and grateful.
The universe is full of abundance.

We are homosapians. That means: wise people.

There will be the age of knowledge and the age of wisdom.

Be the one.

Want to discover wisdom and secrets on becoming great?

In my book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom, I outline a system, a plan that is used to help you to become successful and great in life.

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