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Sunday, May 30, 2010

What is the tipping point for books?

Read Cindy Taylor’s blog today. She writes a blog to inspire the love of reading, and learning in children.

Today, Taylor posted the outcomes from an amazing 20-year research study that determined a factor regarding how far your child will increase her (or his) level of education. It didn’t matter if the family was in China, the United States, or anywhere.

Here is the news you’ve been waiting for the tipping point of books needed to increase your child's education...

Having a 500-book library in your home is linked with children who purse a higher level of education by 3.2 years on average. This was even the case with parents who were poor or were less educated. The power of having books in a home increases education!

I, Danny Pettry don’t have any children at this time. I do have a 3-year-old nephew who I love and adore. I buy him at least one children’s book each month. I do my best to get books that he is interested in reading. Currently it is bat man and iron man. They do make books for children in his age group based on these super heroes. My mother (his grandmother) and babysitter has been reading these books to him daily.

I work at a treatment facility in one of the two Virginias for children who’ve been abused. Some of these children struggle in school. We have our own private school at this treatment facility.

We have a library of books for the children in the classroom. It seems a little messy and disorganized. I’d like to update it with new books for the children and have a system to organize it: fiction vs. non-fiction for one thing. I’d also like to have a computer card catalog system for the children’s books to help them find books they’re interested in reading about.

Okay, so you’re not a child anymore. You’re an adult who is reading this book. I also care about adults, too. (Laugh aloud) as that comment was meant to add some humor. My last book was a self-improvement book. I offered one main piece of advice in this book for improving your life. It was to read more books.

I tell about and review many books in my best-selling book, Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom. I’ve written about books in each of these chapters: self-discovery, journaling, bibliotherapy, wisdom, personal mentors, cinema therapy, leisure, positive psychology, volunteering/ doing good, health and wellness, and motivation/ inspiration. You can also download a complimentary journal with tons of activities. It includes a book review form to help you collect the wisdom and knowledge you gain from the books that I recommend.

If you’ve not done so already, click on the link/ box below to get a copy of my book:

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