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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why books help you (or your child) to be successful.

First Book is a charity that provides books to children in need addressing one of the most important aspects that influence literacy: access to age appropriate books.

Part of the proceeds from my best-selling book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom” was donated to First Book.

First Book is on twitter. They post many interesting articles about books and reading.

In my self-improvement book, “Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom,” I argue that reading is the key to succeeding.

First Book posted a link for an interesting article about reading that is based on research.

Now there is scientific proof that books and reading is a key to succeeding.

Here is the basic finding: Having more books in your home can increase the chances of your child’s success in school.

Your goal today is to start getting your home chockfull of books. Make sure they’re age-appropriate for your child. A three-year-old won’t be able to read a Stephen King novel.

Make sure your home has various books. These should include: novels and reference books. I’d also like to suggest that you add my self-improvement book to your personal library. Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom is about becoming your greatest. The main concept of the book is on the importance and benefits of reading. It also includes other tips and techniques for becoming your greatest.

Don't miss out. You can get Discover Hidden Secret Wisdom at Here is the link:


Paston, Graeme. (May 2010). Books in the home 'boost children's education.’. Telegraph United Kingdom. Available online here:

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