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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fate - Destiny?

I enjoyed the video shown below.

Is this fate? Was it destiny? Was it just a freak event?

I had taken several courses in leisure during my undergraduate and graduate years. Leisure is based the concept of "time." Time is interesting.

I wonder if our lives are pre-planned or if we have control. I like to think I am in charge and am the decision maker in my own life. I like to think that the choices I made in the past have got me to where I am today.... or, was I going to end up here all along?

Wonder how many other couples have crossed paths years before they ever knew each other? Like the Disney song -- It's a small world...

Want to read a weird, but interesting book on fate vs. free will?
I thought you might. This is one of the books that I had read for a graduate course.

"a timequake, a sudden glitch in the space-time continuum, made everybody and everything do exactly what they'd done during past decades, for good or ill, a second time..." They had no choice, but to re-live their own lifes the same way. Once they get back to the point where the timequake happened, people were apathetic. the stopped taking action. did they have free will then?

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