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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ways to be nice.

Nice Survey -- Post a nice thing to do. Help create a list of 101 nice things to do. examples: help an elder person cross the street, allow someone in traffic to go first, send a handwritten letter to a long-distance friend. POST your ideas here Now...

bake something delicious, go shopping for your special someone

Say hello, smile and/or tell someone to have/make it a great day just because...whether you know them or is the simple things that can sometimes make a can lift your spirits too!

Tara Jo:
give up your seat to the pregnant lady standing and waiting

Invite a friend, or stranger, to church.

Hold open a door for someone a random stranger at a store or where ever.

Give someone a genuine compliment!

Feed a stray cat or dog and show some compassion to that animal.


Danny Pettry
great suggestions. keep posting them...

Give chocolate or a nice note to make make someones day.

Someone once paid the toll for me on the interstate and it made my day!! So, now I always pay for 2 when I go through :o)

If someone only has 1 or 2 things in line at the store, let them go first. And be kind to waiters/waitresses when they are knew and tip them good even if they didn't do well. they're trying. :)

Visit someone who is shut-in and lonely.

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