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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Do You Know the Big Problem with Children's Education?

Do You Know the Big Problem with Children’s Education?
By: Danny Pettry, M.S., CTRS, Recreational Therapist

Children need the best education possible. Cliché as it sounds, children really are the future. Our current education might not be the best for our children. Education might not be addressing what children really need. Sure, they do an effective job at teaching the basics: English, math, and reading. Children do need have these basic skills for any future occupation. Most jobs require a person to read, write, and do at least some math. There may be a better solution.
The Problem

Research is showing that test scores aren’t the best indicator of who’ll be the most successful in college and in life. Alfie Kohn had pointed out several of these studies in his (2001) article Two Cheers for an end to the Sat that was featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education. So, our problem is: What do children need in order to be successful in life?
The Solution

Children could benefit from learning successful living habits.

A few years ago a friend of mine (a computer specialist) asked what I did for children as a recreational therapist. I provide services for children with mental health and behavior health needs. I told him that I use a mix of activity-based interventions to help children meet goals as part of an overall treatment plan under the recommendation and supervision of a physician. I told my brother that some of the sessions I provide include: social skills training, relaxation skills training, anger management, self-esteem, teambuilding, life skills, and many other skills. My friend jokingly replied that these children have a better advantage of those children in public school because they don’t offer these services.

Daniel Goleman argues that social and emotional intelligence may be a better predictor of which children will be more successful in life. Social intelligence has to do with the understanding of social relationships. Emotional intelligence has to do with compassion, concern for others, awareness of how others could feel (empathy), and ability to build rapport with others. Goleman points out multiple research studies that support his argument in his books.

Announcing – An Amazing Picture Book for Children That Teaches Character Values and Social Skills by Danny Pettry.

Danny Pettry is creating a fun picture book that children will benefit from. It features two cute dogs, Sam, an English Bulldog, and Izzy, a Chihuahua. They accept each other despite their differences.

Children will receive many personal benefits from this complete program that includes:
a.) a picture book for children;
b.) 15 character education trading cards; and
c.) fun game/ activities for teachers and group leaders that are featured in the back of the children’s book.

This program will help children learn how to:

a.) make more friends;
b.) feel better about themselves;
c.) understand the difference between right and wrong;
d.) be an effective listener;
e.) be more patient;
f.) have more concern for others;
g.) get along with others;
h.) calm down;
i.) solve-problems;
j.) be a better team player; and
k.) so much more.

You can pledge to help create this program. The deadline for pledges is Sept. 12, 2010. You’ll get more rewards and benefits for higher pledges.
Go here to watch a short video about this upcoming book/ program:

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