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Monday, October 18, 2010

Who Else Wants to Be a Hero?

E.S. Brenwalt holding a copy of his sci-fi novel, Path of a Hero at the 2010 W.Va. Book Fair in Charleston, West Virginia.

What does it take to become a hero?
E. S. Brenwalt shares the secret in his science fiction novel, The Path of a Hero.

Cyankazu is the main character in this novel who is awarded the very prestigious and honorary title, “Hero of Trino.”

Cyankazu lives on a magical island called Trino. It is filled with mythical creatures including monsters, dragons, demons, orcs, and talking rats.

How does a person rise above the others in a world like this to become a hero?

It is a journey. It doesn’t happen in a second.

Confucius said “a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step.”

Another old Chinese proverb
reads: “It’s not the destination that is important. It’s the journey.”

I suggest enjoying the present moment during your own journey towards becoming successful in life.

Here are some lessons on becoming a hero based on the hero in this novel:

Patience and Persistence: It took Cyankazu five years.

Training: Cyankazu takes martial arts.

Do Good: Cyan frees a slave who later helps him in a time of need.

Continuing training and persistence: Cyan gains new skills during his journey and he does more good to help a village under attack from monsters.

Here are some of my questions for you:

Have you made a written goal that you’re going to go for your own personal goal in life? Are you going to be the hero in your own life? Do what you dream of doing. I consider people like E. S. Brenwalt a hero because he has followed his dream in life. Brenwalt has written a book. What do you want to do? You might not want to write a book, but there is something you’d like to have, do, or be?

Do you have a written plan? Have you taken the time to actually write out the steps from where you are right now in your life to where you want to be? Here is an example. Jenny wants to be a nurse. She is a cook at a local hospital’s cafeteria today. She calls a school that offers nursing course. She finds out what classes she needs to take. She completes her courses one at a time. In four or five years she earns a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She applies for jobs and becomes a nurse.

What are your monsters? Cyan fights mystical monsters in his journey to become a hero. You’ll have real life monsters that may be stopping you. Have you identified these monsters? How do you plan to overcome them? One monster: people say you can’t do it. How to overcome this? Find people who believe in you and encourage you to do it. Another monster in real life says, “it’s easy to be lazy. Give up.” Don’t do it. You’re strong and you keep persistent until you reach your goal.

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