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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review of Radiance by Alsyon Noel

Radiance is the first Alyson Noel book that I’ve read.

It’s apparently part of a series for young readers and teenagers.

I’m amazed at how so many books for younger readers seem to be dark (based on my experiences reading).

This is about a girl Riley who passed away. She crosses over the bridge into the “afterlife” area.

She can manifest anything by just thinking about it.

A council reviews her life and gives her a job. So, the afterlife isn’t all leisure and play. Riley is assigned to be a soul catcher. Basically she returns to Earth to encourage ghost/ spirits to cross the bridge to go on into the “heaven” area, which should have more to offer.

Ghosts have freewill. You can’t make them go. Riley also has a “guide” who trains her. She thinks he is a nerd/ dork, but sometimes thinks of him as cute. He was a skateboarder in his former life on Earth, but he had died of cancer.

Oh yeah, Riley’s dog, Buttercup goes with her. So, I guess dogs to go to heaven.

I like that this book can be read in two settings. I read half of it one night and the second part the next night.

I think Alyson Noel writes in a simple, easy-to-read fashion. She keeps the story interesting. I felt like it was a real page-turner. Her book has a lot of hypnotic elements: ghosts, afterlife, flying, adventure. It isn’t a mystery book, but I felt that many elements of the afterlife and the council were mysterious. Riley could advance to a level 2 if she does her job well. What is a level 2? What does she need to do? What will happen next?

Here is an Amazon link for the book:

Here is a youtube video trailer for the book:

Here is a book review by Morgyn (SN: LexieVamp666 on YouTube). As you can tell she is a younger reader. I'm amazed. I tell most people the truth that I didn't read a full book until I was a senior in high school (age 18). I'm always glad to see young readers.

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