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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who Else Loves Creativity & Making Things?

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories by Wirrow and other artists.

It is an underground book.
You won’t be able to find in bookstores,, or Books-a-Million.

I purchased it because I’m a big fan of wirrow’s art.
Click here to see wirrow's art.

The book focuses two creative aspects: writing and drawing.

Many people had contributed to this book. They had submitted one or two page stories with a piece of art, including wirrow.

Some of the stories were funny. Some of them were inspirational and thought-provoking.
Some sad -- or funny if you have that type of humor.

I felt and thought that they were inspirational.
These tiny stories encouraged me to write, draw, and create more.

My favorite story in the book was called “The Diver” by wirrow. It showed a picture of an astronaut in the stars, but the character was afraid of heights. The same picture was reversed on the bottom half and the astronaut appeared to have been a diver among the star fish.
I think that was a creative little story.

The book was published by It is a neat web-site all about creativity. People contribute and share their writing, photography, music, paintings, videos, and pretty much anything (as long as it is creative).

Click Here -- if You Want to get the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories for yourself. It could inspire you to become more creative!

The Tiny book of Tiny Stories reminds me of two other books that you may want to check out too. If you like The Tiny book of Tiny Stories then you'd probably like these two tiny books too.

Check these other two books out here...

Want to Learn More About Becoming Creative?

Here are my top three book recommendations on being creative:

1. The war of art: break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles. (This one is in my top ten all-time favorite books.)
You owe it to yourself and the world to use your talents to give this world something.
I hate to see grave yards because they remind me of wasted potential.
How many great plays, books, movies, artwork, and things did people vision, but failed to create while they had the chance. I admire people who DO it. Rather it be -- play a guitar -- sing -- write poetry -- paint -- draw -- write a book -- develop computer games -- landscape -- develop a beautiful garden -- build houses -- build ships -- put ships in a bottle even.
-- Go do something creative.
All my friends are dead shows a dinosaur. He is sad because he is the last dinosaur. It also shows an elder man who says all of his friends are dead. What comes next? It is sad. People grow old and die, but it could encourage people to do something with their lives.
The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories has something like that too. It shows a man who says when he was younger he wished to be something. Now he is older and he wished he was younger.
My advice. Don't wish to be something, but take action and Do Something. And mess up too. Some people only want perfection. They're so afraid they'll mess up -- they don't try. Here is an example: What if my novel turns about bad and people don't like it. I best not even start on it to save myself heart-ache. laugh aloud. Many authors who hated their books were surprised to discover so many people loved reading them.
Here are the three books I suggest that could help you to get more creative in your life:

And of course -- if you want to learn more about becoming your greatest -- then check out my self-help book here:

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