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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ethics and organ donations.

I had recently read "The Unit," a fictional dystopia novel where people who are considered "disposable" (or un-needed) go to the unit and wait until they're made to give organ donations. They live until they have their final donation.

The book has stuck with me for a while. I've read two more novels since then and The Unit seems to stay in the back of my mind.

I've been taking an ethics course in counseling during my leisure time as well. I had recnelty did a group project on end of life care.

Some of the findings were that the cost for a person in an intensive care unit during the last part of their life can be very expensive. Some people may wish to have a natural death opposed to being kept alive by machines.

I had read this article Friday. It is about a proposed policy to give organs to younger people who are more healthy.

I don't have any comments about the article below, but I felt it should be passed along to others who'd like to read it:

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