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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dreams of Cancer

I dreamed last night that a woman who I once had a crush on had cancer.

I had gone out with this woman a few times while we were in college and I had known her in high school. However, we never were a couple. I always liked her.

In my dream, I saw her being pushed in a wheelchair into the lobby at the psychiatric hospital where I work at. I noticed her face and realized that she had wrinkled skin and had lost a lot of weight. She looked shriveled. I immediately went to her. I wanted to ask how she was doing, but I knew I couldn’t ask her that question because of her condition. She told me she had cancer. I felt so sadden to learn this and feared that I’d lose this person from my life.

Staff pushed her in her wheelchair out of the lobby. She smiled and waved at me. Then she was out of sight. I knew I couldn’t and wasn’t permitted to go back and talk with her more because I was not on her “Release of Information” list. Plus, I was in a hurry to leave and get to a class.

Here are some of the reasons why I could have had this dream:
1.) My professor had told me that his wife had a third remission of her cancer the night before I had this dream.
2.) My uncle Bill had lost the battle to cancer earlier this year. He would have had his recent birthday.
3.) I had seen some updated pictures of this woman on her facebook page. I started to email her that I thought her pictures were good, but I hit delete before I sent them. The dream may have been a symbolic way of telling me that she is gone from my life in a way. It may mean that I have problems with letting go.

Do I need a book on dreams?

Here are some interesting books:

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