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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love Max Ride (Awesome series)

I’ve been reading the Max Ride series by James Patterson.

I love this series.

They’re young adult (YA) sci-fi books.

I had purchased book 4 last July. I didn’t realize that it was a series at that time, so, I had to go back and read the first four books.

Of course, I don’t want to give away all the goodies and secrets from the book. I’ll give you a brief overview of the characters in the story.

A group of children all have wings. They can fly. They had been science experiments in a lab, which they hated.
  • Max Ride is the leader. She is fearless and almost tomboy like. She watches over the rest of “the flock.” She has a voice that talks in her head. It tells her things like she is expected to save the world.
  • Fang is the next oldest. He grew up with Max. They like each other a lot.
  • Nudge is the talkative one.
  • Iggy is the blind one.
  • Gas is younger. He likes explosives.
  • Angel is the youngest. She has the ability to read minds and a slight ability to control people.

Throughout the books, the flock develops other abilities, too, which I won’t tell you now, so you can discover them on your own.

The bad guys are the scientists who do experiments on them. They create other things too, like Erasers, which are part human and part wolf like. They later create Erasers that have wings.
Each book has an adventure.

Angel is my favorite character! The 7th book is called “Angel.” It was released this week! So, I’m excited. I’ve ordered it and it should be here soon.

Here are the books I’ve read at this time:

Book # 1: The Angel Experiment

Book # 2: Schools out forever

Book # 3: Saving the World and other extreme sports

Book # 4: The Final Warning

Book # 5: MAX

I’ve not read book # 6 yet, but my loving good parents had picked me up a copy of this book about two weekends ago. I plan to read it next of course.

Book # 6: Fang

Book # 7: Angel

I believe the series will end in 2012 with an 8th book.
I’ve also heard rumors of a potential movie. That would be so awesome.

I don't keep the books. I give them away after reading each one.

I do collect the Max Ride comic series with art by NaRea Lee. They're so cool.

Here are the first three:

The fourth one is expected to be released in April 2011. I'm going to pre-order it from tonight.

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