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Saturday, March 26, 2011

31 Today.

Thirty-one (31) -years-old today! I like to think that if I could start over from day one that I’d do some things differently, but I’m afraid I’d probably do all the same things over again exactly the same way I did it the first time. It is a reminder of the age-old question: are we victims of fate or do we have the power to create our own destiny?

I went to pick my mother up a sausage biscuit and orange juice from McDonald’s this morning. I picked up a plain biscuit for myself and a large coffee. I had planned to take a different route home to show I have power to create my own destiny. I forgot. I do plan to do something different or unique in the next few days. Go to a new store. Take a different road home. I'm not sure yet. I want to have that delusion of free will and control.

My father worked until noon today. He is a school principal and their school is having super Saturday learning for students.

I met up with my brother Jimmy to watch the movie, “Sucker Punch,” around 12:30. My dad went home to rest during this time. I enjoy the movie all right. My brother Jimmy said he plans to get it on blue ray. My sister Carrie and her boyfriend Matt went to this movie, too. They didn’t enjoy it so much.

I had my favorite Chick-fil-A with Carrie and Matt after the movie.
My brother, his wife, Emily, and my favorite (and only) nephew Gage met us at my parent’s house for the party.

I feel that I have a lot to be grateful for. I’m very fortunate to have lived 31 years. I am in pretty
good health. I don’t need glasses at this time. I’m lucky I can see, hear, walk, drive, and do so many things. I’m lucky that I have good family, friends, and a job that I love. I’m fortunate to be an American. I really have everything I could possible need.

I received 99 facebook comments to wish me happy birthday from family, friends, and others.

I received a few personal facebook emails too.

My parents decided to get me a Cookie-cake from the Great-American Cookie Company (it has a picture of a book on it) and a Chocolate cake with icing from Kroger’s and (vanilla/ strawberry/ chocolate) ice cream.

I gave my nephew Gage (4-year-old) a picture book. It is called, “I love you because you’re you.” It has pictures of a momma fox and a little boy fox. It rhymes. I have given Gage at least one book per month since January (2010). Today was a good day to bring his March book to him. My parents, sister, and brother all live in Beckley, W.Va. I live two hours away in Huntington, W.Va.

My good family gave me a lot of gifts. I’m happy with them. I have some mix feelings. I told my father that I felt guilty for getting so many nice things.
I got jeans, two polo-shirts, an gift card, a book (the lost or forgotten states of America), and five West Virginia scratch-off lotto tickets. I won $1.

My sister and Matt gave me two AE t-Shirts.

My brother and his wife gave me a graphic novel and a comic book.

I won’t be spending the $25 Amazon gift card anytime soon because I already have a stack of books to read. I’m currently reading The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I love this series.


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