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Monday, April 11, 2011

Humor for Therapy -- Nostalgic for Adults.

Barefoot Through the Goathead Patch by Ken Jarman is a fictional account of a mischievous little boy who discovers there are significant differences between boys and girls and embarks on a mission to unravel those mysteries.

Along the way, he gets himself into one hilarious predicament after another causing the reader to “laugh out loud” as they follow his misadventures. Regardless of whether people are focused on self-help, self-awareness, skill building, inspirational, wealth-building or just plain entertainment, everyone benefits from a good laugh now and then even if it’s at themselves. This book has wide-spread appeal to young, old, male, and female alike; evoking nostalgic memories for adults; positive guidance for young people, and laughter for all. So, we thought of you.

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