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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Water for Elephants movie.

I went home for the Easter holiday weekend (Beckley, W.Va.). I miss home from time to time. I've lived in Huntington (W.Va.) since going to Marshall University in 2001. I never really left there. I wonder how my life would be had I made different choices. What if I didn't go away and stayed at the local Beckley College? What would have happened if I moved back to Beckley and had taken a different type of job?

Why am I asking these questions? It has to do with a bigger question: Do you have free choice or is life pre-determined? I like to think I have control.

Today, I watched the movie, "Water for Elephants." I enjoyed it a lot. The main character in the story is a guy named Jacob who joins the circus at the age of 21. I won't tell anything else about this story so I won't give-away any of the good parts in case you decide to read the book or watch the movie.

Here is the big question I got from this movie: Do we make choices or are they already made for us. The movie had a question that said something along the lines of: "You don't choose the cirus, the circus chooses you."

My sister Carrie told me that she didn't like the movie. I asked why and she said because of the way they treated animals. I pointed out that several characters in the movie had "good traits" and they cared for animals and I reminded her that I doubt if Hollywood would allow any animal to be harmed when they filmed the movie, (or at least I hope so). Most movies have a disclaimer that makes that clear. So, I decided to do a little google search. The info. was positive. I'd assume that the animal right groups would have had many posts asking people to avoid the movie had there been any harm. The "WeAreMovieGeeks" site and many others said that no animals were harmed in the movie, but I must say they are hard to watch.

I think I'd like to read the book, if I had more time.

You can get the book at at this link here:

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