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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wow, Superman denounces his American citizenship in the 900th edition of the comic.
According to Fox News, many people are upset about this and some just think that Superman is bigger than the United States. The article reported that Superman is from another plant.

I love comics a lot. I know Superman is from another planet, but it makes me question some things like when did Superman gain U.S. Citizenship? He (Clark Kent) was found in Kansas and his “adoptive Earth” parents raised him as if he were born there (based on my understanding of the movies). Would this make Kent/ superman an illegal alien? Pardon the pun on “alien.” Did he have legal citizenship? I hope they don’t attempt to deport Superman because of denounced citizenship.

The Presidency
The only grandfather who I knew (Alex) wasn’t biological. My biological grandfathers had passed away when I was too young to remember and one before I was born. My biological grandmother re-married when I was young.

My biological grandmother (Carrie) a retired school teacher would question me on things like states and capitols and U.S. Presidents. My grandfather had once told me that he could never be president of the United States. As a child, I replied, “I know that because Ronald Regan is already the President.” I was probably 7 or 8. He explained to me that he was born in Canada.

Kent/ Superman is a fictional character, but Kent could never “run” for President of the United States of America. I’m guessing Kent would have had an “inauthentic” Kansas birth certificate. However, if Kent was deported, I don't think he or Superman would have argued against it.

Of course, Superman is bigger than “Power.” He has larger, more humanistic and idealistic intentions. If he was power hungry he could have easily taken over the country or the planet.

Comics are interesting. The Watchmen Comic book focuses on how absolute power corrupts people. People in the comic question: “Who Watches the Watchmen?” They want to know who gives these Watchmen “superheroes” authority to dress up and fight crime. The people want to know if their actions are legal. The comic even has Richard Nixon as an unprecedented 5th-term president in the 80s who has used all means to change laws and hold on to power.

Here is the fox link:

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