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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The girl who chased the moon.

“The Girl Who Chased The Moon” is the 20th book that I’ve read this year! (This is excluding text books).

I loved this book! The titled jumped out at me at Borders Bookstore last week and I just had to pick it up.

It is a fictional novel about a teen-girl, Emily who moves in with her grandfather (away in North Carolina) after her do-good mother passed away. This was the first time she had met her grandfather and she discovers that her mother wasn’t quite who she thought she was from the townspeople. And her grandfather is very tall. All the characters in this book have some type of quirk. I thought this made them fun and interesting.

Many people give Emily strange looks. She soon learns it is because of her mother, but what did her mother do? Emily always knew her to be a person who did good deeds. Maybe her mother was trying to compensate for something she did in her past.

One boy who Emily likes says they have a common history, but she questions it because he is a stranger. He explained that there was a link between his uncle and her mother. But what is it? I can’t tell you or I’d spoil the book.

There are also strange lights in this town that get Emily’s attention at night.
I assumed they were fireflies at first. Some people think they’re ghosts.

I enjoyed that this book had a feeling like it was “real,” but it also had an element of fantasy to it, too, which I found enjoyable.

It is a fairly quick read. I read it in three days at a leisurely pace.
I’ve decided that I’m going to read all of Sarah Addison Allen's books now!

Here is a video about the book:

Here is the link for her book in case you’re interested in reading it, too.

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