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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are You Living in the World of Miracles? If not, read this now!

Did you know that reading inspirational, positive poetry refocuses your mind and helps you get into the vibration of manifesting what you want out of life? Absolutely!

Poetry is a beautiful way to illuminate your mind and open your heart. World of Miracles by Sandi Lovrecic uses poetry to remind you of the hope you might have lost.

Lovrecic creates a life-affirming mindset. He follows the premise that the greatest love and the greatest gifts are found inside yourself.

His poems are contagiously optimistic and powerfully positive, challenging you to embrace your most authentic SELF! I

f miracles aren’t part of your every day experience, the flaw is in your thinking.

Get connected to the vibration that will help you start manifesting the life and love you want!

Order it today:

P.S. the cover of this book reminds me of this music video --

Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love

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