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Monday, June 13, 2011

Will this end human suffering?

What is the number one indicator of success in Life?

And will this indicator end human suffering?

The answer may shock you…

Let’s take success beyond the size of your bank account.

I’m sure you agree that true success in life includes amazing loving relationships, happiness, health, peace of mind, trustworthy friends, quality time to experience and grow in whatever ways you want in other words... Overflowing your EMOTIONAL bank account...

According to Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, “_________ " is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.”

Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey and Kim Serafini all agree on the answer.Now if you have spent any time with me at all, I am sure you are familiar with Oprah, Tony, Brian and Jack, but you may be asking yourself: “Who is this Kim person?” and why is she part of that list of people?

Well, the aforementioned have all created a movement in their respective industries, and now Kim is doing the same.

She and her team of gratitude adventurers have started a movement, which will positively affect all of us in the next 6-12 months. That means you'll begin to see this happening everywhere!

They call the movement, "Appreciation in Action" - Their philosophy is that "Gratitude on mass, will end human suffering"

I call Kim: “The Queen of Gratitude”, and yes, the word to fill in earlier and above is...
*** Gratitude ***

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from
another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Everybody talks about Gratitude, but Kim and her team are actually doing something about it in a massive, unprecedented way.

They are giving a way for you and the people you know to express your gratitude...

Beyond Just Words... Getting started is at no cost to you...

Today this mission will ignite the torch of appreciation across the planet and be passed from person to person.

The feeling of gratitude will be felt by over 2 million people around the world.

(Just in the first week.)

In the process the i am gr8ful team intends to donate over one million dollars for at least 10 worth-while non-profit organizations.

One of which works with dis-advantaged people in a country like Nepal.

Imagine what it would feel like if one of your children or grandchildren had to sleep on the streets.

All it takes to feed a child, put a roof over their heads is $60 a month.

Now I am not asking for $60 a month from anyone.

But you have to admit that’s a pretty small amount to make a huge difference in a child’s life.

No, I am asking you to make a far smaller contribution, and yet a priceless contribution of Saying THANK YOU to the people you love. We know that they all deserve it.

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.
Tony Robbins

You and I both know that true unbridled thanks will remove your fears and bring in tremendous abundance to all who experience it, including you.

Kim and her team have put their hearts and souls into creating a gift you can give to your loved ones called, i am gr8ful for you.

This book is a beautiful compilation of images and words that are designed to give an EXPERIENCE of gratitude. Beyond just the words...

Wait till you read what some other leaders are saying about it on their ‘launch page’.

The powerful combination of hand-picked images and words combine together in a tapestry of sights and feelings that make your loved one truly feel what you are trying to express...

This book gives me goose-bumps, even a soft and gentle tear...

And when you experience it, I imagine something similar will happen to you...

You know there are people in your life right now who deserve your gratitude.

With a couple of keystrokes and a few clicks of some buttons you can immediately show them your gratitude online!

Even though there are MANY people in your life that you can think of, I encourage you to ‘do it for yourself first’.

Let Kim's book elevate, enrich, excite… And be part of this precious movement! Give it forward … Right now... There are positive, profound and perfect aspects of this book and movement, and no amount of words can explain…

Less than 10 minutes will transform the way you feel!

  • 1st Head over to to watch Kim’s inspirational video… (while you’re at it – click SHARE to Facebook or Twitter)

  • 2nd Get your GIFT sample chapter by entering your email, so you can experience it for yourself…

  • 3rd You'll then be guided to a really cool and fun way to help your loved ones experience your true gratitude... (This is going viral all over the world as we speak!)

  • 4th Please make sure you SHARE what it feels like to see the animation… and leave a comment.

  • 5th Ask your loved ones to send on as well…6th Follow the process to the end and order copies of this gorgeous book so you can be part of the fundraising efforts.
    Share this message with the people in your life that you love… knowing all the while that as you enrich your loved ones, you are enriching the lives of those people benefitting from the fund-raising efforts all over the world!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does. ~Margaret Mead

Bottom line:

we both know: You ‘get’ more when you ‘give’ more.Will it change the world, when you join the i am gr8ful for you movement? Absolutely. It will change your life. It will change the lives of your friends and family. Share the spirit of "THANK YOU" beyond words...

Put Appreciation in Action.
And most importantly, you will be helping amazing charities in their philanthropic pool...

So take the first step, and put the power of Gratitude to work in your life:

I Have....I believe in this so much I'm sending it out to my entire list, and taking action to get and give copies of the book myself!

Now I invite you to join me on this journey.

With Gratitude, Your Friend,

P.S. Invite your friends and family to participate, too! The idea of gratitude changing lives is unbelievable to some people. Let us show your loved ones how it can be done and not only will they benefit, you’ll get an awesome team of supporters, as well.

Please forward this email onto as many people as you can too. Invite them to watch Kim’s video here:

So, enter your email address at the top of the page - that step is important because, not only will you get a sample of the book but in a couple of days you will receive an email from the team at i am gr8ful about how to claim over a 100 bonus gifts valued at over $5,000. Everybody who makes a purchase of any of the i am gr8ful for you product line will automatically be included in a wonderful prize draw for a new iPad with the i am gr8ful app pre-loaded on it.

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