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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wither. [book review]

I’m reading Lauren DeStefano's “Wither.”

It is a dystopia set in the future. As you may already know, I’m a big fan of dystopian novels.
There is a cure! It is for everything: cancer, disease, illness. That generation is healthy and they live long lives.

However, their children suffer. Something has changed. People live shorter lives. Boys live about 25 years and girls live about 20. The world is divided. There are older people who are living a long life and then there are young kids (no older than 20-25).

The main character Rhine is only 16. She is kidnapped and locked up in a mansion. She is married off to a man along with two other girls. Plus he already has a first wife. Rhine is totally different from the other two girls. One is an orphan who loves the new lifestyle. The other is depressed and probably suicidal.

The man is in love with his first wife who is dying because she is reaching the age of 20. Rhine is probably expected to be his “new favorite” wife after the passing of the first.

All Rhine can think about is earning his trust. Once she does that she’ll be granted the freedom to go outside. And then she’ll run. She wants to run home to watch her younger brother. Rhine and her brother both had to quit school as children and start working because their parents had died. Rhine does not want to be locked up even if it is in a mansion. She is 16 and probably has 4 good years to live. She wants her freedom!

Watch the book trailer here:

Read this book. It is the first in a trilogy.

Here is an Amazon link for the book:

You can pre-order the second book here, which I can’t wait to read:

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