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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Else Wants Motivation and Encouragement? Get 101 Inspirational Quotes.

Dear friend,

Imagine how inspired you could feel if you were surrounded by the world’s most motivational people. Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear their messages of hope and inspiration daily?

Danny Pettry’s collection of motivational quotations can give you just that.

You might find yourself in a hypnotic trance as you read each of these 101 magical, motivational, and spellbinding quotes.

Go to this amazon link for more info. about the book:

Watch the Video Here:

Reading this collection of quotes could cause you to have a magical transformation. You just might wake up feeling ready to succeed in life. You’re intelligent enough to know that if the authors of these quotes can do it then you can do it.

As you read these quotes you may increase feelings of hope, inspiration, and encouragement. These quotations are tips and tricks for a better life.

Abracadabra and hocus-pocus

– make your dreams come true with this amazing collection of motivational quotes.

Go to this amazon link for more info. about the book:


· Chapter 1: Meaning of Existence

· Chapter 2: Attract Good Things

· Chapter 3: Generously Give

· Chapter 4: Imagination is Imperative

· Chapter 5: Create What You Want

· Chapter 6: Achieve Your Dreams

· Chapter 7: Learn for Life

Claim your copy at this link:

But wait, there is more!

~ This book includes 4 bonuses! ~

· Bonus # 1: Includes journal questions for each of the 7 chapters.
· Bonus # 2: Includes 11 fun activities that you can do with quotes.
These are great for group activities or individual projects.

· Bonus # 3: Book Recommendations
· Bonus # 4: Access to E-Newsletter that includes book give-away each month -- (details on p. 78).

Claim your copy at this link:

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