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Sunday, April 15, 2012

crazy dreams.

I dreamed that a little town, which was really a sub-section of NYC needed a super hero to fight off villains who were going to commit arson. Of course I could fly in this dream. The little town was kind of like a downtown Beckley, W.Va. with more shops. And right outside of it was giant tall buildings like NYC. This little town was hidden. I could fly down the busy roads and go to this little town that needed help.

There was a few little candy shops. One had tons of old candy like Mr. Bulkey’s in Charleston, W.VA. and it had pop-crocks, bubble gum, M&Ms. There was another candy shop too. There was a large statue of planet Earth, kind of like from Superman.

There was a little film crew on the streets. They thought this little town would be a great place to film a zombie movie. But there became a problem. Some of the zombies were real. People didn’t know which zombies were real and which ones were actors. I was too busy trying to fight off the bad guys who were going to catch the town on fire to deal with the zombies. The police and movie film-makers were going to fight off the zombies.

There was also a little factory outside of this town that was slaughtering pigs. I don’t eat pork. But they were trying to get me to go there to save the pigs. The factory was disgusting. There were several wrecked cards on the outside. I knew it smelled bad there, but lucky it was a dream and I couldn’t smell. I drove there to get there. They were giving superheroes some type of pill in there that would make them pass out. That is why there were wrecked cars on the outside. People went in trying to stop the madness. They gave the so-called hero some type of pill to relax them and they wrecked on their way out. I wasn’t going to fall for this.

The dream ended.
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