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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Independent Women.

I read an interesting article on 31-year-old single girl telling her story about finding Mr. Right.

I think a lot of fairy tales and old fables were used to send children in a direction.

The boy who cried wolf was to teach children about the lesson on being honest.

Most fairy tales teach little girls to grow up and find a rich man who’ll be their winning ticket in life.

I’m not sure if these fairy tales are the most appropriate now.

I have a younger sister who is about 30-years-old. I don’t want her to be dependent on a guy.

I want her to be an independent woman who can do it on her own without having to depend on anyone.

I think the world needs a new set of fairy tales that show women being more independent.

Disney: are you listening?

Authors/ writers? Can you do this?

I’m not sure.

Maybe I’ll do it myself and write a novel or a comic book that has a woman/ heroine who is independent.  

Here is a link to the article:

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