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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally….A Real Way Out

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SILENT is your loving and practical guide to a life of peace and joy!

How often do you feel anxious, worried or overwhelmed?

Angry and upset with others, have feelings of discontentment, thoughts of being unfulfilled and unappreciated? 

When will you say “enough is enough” and mean it?

In his stunning book SILENT: The Power of Silence, author Gregory Nicholas Malouf reveals, in his no-holds-barred way, how an abusive and traumatic childhood led to an adult life that was initially ruled by emptiness, stress and a seemingly never-ending cycle of unhappiness. Ultimately, Malouf was able to overcome his past and even his present to find the silence and contentment that, he discovered, had existed within all along. He bravely shares his story, as well as his life lessons, in order to show us how to access our true selves and live the life we most desire. 

“It was not until my world imploded that I faced my truth, looked within, and thought to myself, there must be a better way.” In his powerful book, Malouf, founder of Epsilon Healing Academy, lovingly and practically tells us how to transform life at its worst to life at its best. Once you learn more his traumatic background, you’ll be doubly amazed at how powerfully and positively Malouf has changed his life.

And the best part of his story? That you can do the very same, right now, no matter what your current situation.

All of us are seeking a life of meaning and happiness…and here’s a book that shows us exactly what we need to do right now to get there. Like so many of us, Malouf reached a breaking point at which he knew he had to escape the cycle of unhappiness, regret and pain. SILENT is his account of hitting this rock bottom and then taking powerful, positive control of his life.

“There must be something better than this…”
In this book, Malouf shares with all of us how we, too, can release ourselves from the sometimes overwhelming and consuming burden of a life in which we constantly feel that “there must be something better than this.”

Can you remember the last time your mind just stopped and, for an instant in time, did nothing, thought nothing and simply rested?

Do you know how to truly rest in solitude and silence, so that whatever negative feelings you are experiencing can be felt, observed, acknowledged, understood, accepted -- and then released? 

Is there a disconnect between your truth and your reality?

Becoming our most effective, content self is not a foolish pipe dream or a myth. It is our birthright, and something that is within the grasp of each and every one of us. Not one of us can change our past, but all of us have the power to shape our future.

The message from Malouf ‘s life and his experience is clear:

Yes, YOU can access that which you truly desire and you can live the life you deserve.

Through a very real and practical process that includes:

·         Recognizing your truth.

·         Connecting moment-to-moment with how you really feel.

·         Accepting these feelings – whatever they may be − and learning to live in the present without judgment.

To reconnect with your true, inner self and find the power of the silence within to lead you to the life you most desire, order your book:

Did you know that rest – yes, REST -- is the key to living your life to its fullest without fear or trepidation?

Resting your mind in nothingness is to rest your body. Until you truly rest your body, you will not have the life you desire. A body that is well rested finds its path to passion, to live with energy and vitality. A mind of no thought is a mind living consciously in the present moment.

But how is this possible, you might be asking?

Most of us have never lived apart from our thoughts, and now we are being asked to go against the very thing that holds our worlds together? 

Not only is it possible, but it is crucial. And time is of the essence.

You do not need to continue living a life you do not love. All too many of us are leading lives of what Henry David Thoreau called “quiet desperation.”

And, yet, not one of us deserves such a life.

You already hold all of the power necessary to transform your life. 

Why not make today the day that your transformation starts?

Now is the time to find to lead the life you most desire! Order your copy today:

About The Author

Gregory Nicholas Malouf, a successful Australian businessman and entrepreneur, suffered constant abuse as a child. He consequently became a workaholic in order to run away from his past and allow himself to live the 'perfect life,’ or so he thought.  He was earning triple figures each week, throwing lavish parties and could do anything or go anywhere in the world he wanted when his world collapsed. For the first time, at age 50, he realized that his priorities had been misguided all along – and that he was living a lie. He suffered from anxiety and obsessive control disorder - two of many addictions he had suffered in his life. Why? Because he had not been able to confront the truth of his past. Through a genuine intent to find life abundance, he has faced his past and found the truth that previously limited his life. In SILENT, Malouf shares his lessons on how to truly liberate your mind and body, live in the present with gratitude, consciously create the life you desire and finally find the abundance you deserve. Whether you were under-nurtured or over-nurtured, living with anxiety, fear or dissatisfaction, Malouf has written Silent and founded the Epsilon Healing Academy for those of you who believe what he needed to believe - that there must be a better way. And there is!

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