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Monday, September 24, 2012

Barbaric: teachers who hit children

I’ll openly post that I think there is a big problem when an adult thinks it is appropriate to hit a person, especially a child to discipline her.

I read online that a male administrator had hit a 15-year-old female student: Taylor Santos at a school in Texas.

I’m going to call it what it is: assault and battery at the least and child abuse or at the worst.

I just feel disgusted.

It reminds me of the quote: Do as I say and not as I do.

Does this school or community encourage an environment where people hit each other to discourage a behavior?

Would it be appropriate for the superintendent to hit a principal for misconduct? Would a principal hit a teacher for misconduct? Could a police officer in this town administer a hit to a person who violates a crime? I think not in all of these cases. Why would it ever be appropriate to hit a child?

My younger sister started a part-time job at Chick-fil-A with a work-permit at the age of 15 (the same age as Taylor). Do you think it would be okay for a male manager at this store to administer corporal punishment to discipline any employee, especially a teenager minor? I hope the answer would be no.

This practice is barbaric.

I hate to hear news regarding this girl and hope that school makes series amends to the little girl as well as make serious changes to its discipline.

You can read the full story here:

I would like to suggest two books here:

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