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Friday, November 9, 2012

Living on Mars.

I often wonder when we'll send people to Mars.

I’ve heard of these grand ideas to send one-way trips to Mars to start a colony.

I wouldn’t go. I like roads, and driving, and malls, and coffee, and everything on Earth.

But I know there are adventurous people who’d do it.


What would it be like to live on Mars?

The real questions:

Could humans adapt to the gravity?

How would humans deal with the longer days? According to, (, a day on Mars lasts 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

Thirty-nine minutes and 35 second might not seem like a big difference, but I’d be willing to bet that would cause issues for humans. The human species has been on Earth for quite a while now. Our species is comfortable with the Earth day cycle. Time change in the spring and fall cause people to have issues. Some people oversleep when clocks are set back an hour. I’ve heard that the highest rate of car accidents is also on the day after time is set back in the spring.

Humans are very adaptive to various environments. So the slightly longer days may not cause any problems. I’ve heard that some people in Alaska have 30 days of night/ darkness at a time.

How would humans adapt to the longer year. I think 1 year on Mars equals two years on Earth. That is my guess. According to ( one year on Mars is equal to 1.88 Earth years. The months on Mars would have many more days in their calendar. Or perhaps they’d add a few extra months in each of the four seasons. I wonder how humans could adapt to that.
It appears that there could be an internet connection between Earth and Mars/ other plants according to this Fox News article:
I'd hope that people who do go to Mars would be able to have a laptop to send instant messages back home (to Earth) and family and friends. And they could even post updates on facebook (laugh aloud). Weather on Mars today was okay.
hope you enjoyed my random thoughts.


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