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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

17 cents and a dream.

“A success story that could be your own . . . a radiant, shining example of what can still be done, a must-read book."
 Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Today marks the launch of 17 Cents and a Dream, a new blockbuster book that is being promoted in a BIG way to get sales off to a fast start. 
For the next 24 hours only:
1.       You’ll pay only 99 CENTS for the e-book
2.      100% of the author’s share of proceeds will go to charities that support hungry and homeless kids in the U.S. and Ukraine
Daniel Milstein’s 17Cents and a Dream will simply blow you away. It’s the almost unbelievable but TRUE story of one man’s rise from poverty and repression among the ashes of Chernobyl to the very top of American finance.
This may be the most inspiring book you’ve ever read – because if he could do what he did, you can overcome ANYTHING!

"This inspiring book not only tells an exciting tale of success and achievement, it also gives you the tools and strategies you need to achieve all your goals

Brian Tracy (The Way to Wealth) 
You’ll be totally caught up in Milstein’s story as he struggles against hunger, bullying and overwhelming workloads to become the top mortgage broker in America and CEO of one of the country’s fastest-growing companies.
You’ll come away from reading this book with a new understanding of just how much people can endure and still come out on top. Milstein’s story makes most of the challenges you and I face seem trivial – and that’s why I strongly urge you to order and read it: you’ll be inspired to not let anything get in your way on the road to the life you want!

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